New Notebook: Arche/SuperCola

Introducing Arche/SuperCola!
Introducing Arche/SuperCola!

Time for a new notebook!

I can’t believe how fast I went through Lucca.  This new WIP (working title: The Lords of Yesterday) has me scrawling scenes even more than I did in the early days of The Big Rewind.  It’s a much different book for me, so I’m letting myself play with POV and scene variation, as well as a TON of beautiful collage work.  I’ve really gone kinda crazy, and I regret nothing.

Lucca was experimental in paper usage and texture.  The map pages were pretty, but writing on them proved useless, so they ended up being collage pages.  The parchment was a nice surface and added color, but tended to smudge with the big fat gooey ink pen I use because my hands are basically claws now.  I don’t think I’d do the origami paper on the spine again.  It looked pretty, but took up valuable page space.

My original intent was to make a double-sided journal, like an old pulp novel–on one side, Crime Writing, flip it over, General Work.  But I’ve still got about half of Mona left, so the pages would end up being wasted.  I needed a new notebook, and I needed one fast, so I put what I had on hand to good use.

Arche/SuperCola is very basic in design, but represents the finest of all my techniques combined — multiple paper types, end pages, French stitch and metal accouterments.  I had bought the hinges for another project, but they proved to be merely decorative and basically non-functioning.

Back View
Back View

The Super Cola on the back is from a bag of candies Ian bought at the Chinese Supermarket in Albany.   I thought it had such a fun design that I wanted to incorporate it into this piece.  Packaging has served me well.

Now, about Arche Klaine and Chester Barklight: When I was a kid, I got Nintento Power magazine every so often at the bookstore (I didn’t have a subscription) and the March 1996 issue was my favorite.  It had Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG and Tales of Phantasia.  I loved the big-eyed look of anime, which, at that point, had barely made it to the states, let alone Upstate NY.  I loved Arche’s costume and made one for myself, right down to the weird tunic, all by hand.  The game never got a translation on the SNES, and the magazine probably got thrown out somewhere.  The costume was recycled into something else, and Tales of Phantasia was forgotten.

But as I started Lords of Yesterday, I got thinking about those old magazines and ordered a couple issues for papercraft.  And there was Arche, looking cheerful as ever, in between the pages.  I cut up the other articles for page collage and postcards, but I wanted to save Tales of Phantasia for something special….and this notebook was it.

French Stitch is my go-to because it’s flexible and I can do it while watching TV.  I had some brown sketch paper leftover from a journal my husband & I made for our honeymoon road trip, although I had to tape smaller pieces of it together to form double-truck signatures.  No envelope this time; while it was useful for keeping collage pieces, at the end of the notebook’s usage, it would be emptied.  Finally had a chance to use my beautiful, handmade clock paper as endpapers, which, the more I do, the more I’m a fan of.

Arche Endpapers


Now I just have to get to writing in it!


2 responses to “New Notebook: Arche/SuperCola”

  1. mylifeasishan Avatar

    Great post

  2. That clock paper is amazing.

    I support “no regrets”! The notebook is lovely, and I envy the aesthetic every time you show one off. (i even recently bought a new “lay flat” style notebook, because of you. No, I haven’t written anything in it yet).

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