In the continuing purge of stuff from my father-in-law’s basement, I came across a box of writing craft books from when I was first starting out.  I love craft books even though I rarely use them anymore; their pages stuffed with knowledge and promise and possibilities.

But just because I’m not using them doesn’t mean they won’t have value to someone else.  So I invite you, dear readers, to find me on Twitter or leave a comment if you see one from the list below that you would like.  No charge, no postage; if you want to trade me a book or a mix CD, I probably won’t say no.  First come, first serve.  The books are:

P.D. James, Talking About Detective Fiction

Cory Doctorow, Content

The College Handbook of Creative Writing, Third Edition (my favorite)

Writers Digest “HowDunIt” Series, Scene of the Crime and Cause of Death

One per person, please, and I’m sure I’ll post more soon.

5 responses to “BOOK GIVEAWAY”

  1. pomegranatepithos Avatar

    Writer’s Digest intrigues me.

    1. Which one? Send me an email geek(dot)girl(dot)goes(dot)glam(at)gmail with your address and I’ll ship it out!

  2. I’d like the college handbook of creative writing please 🙂

    1. Send me an email with your address & I’ll ship it out!

  3. bookloverbabbles Avatar

    Greetings 🙂
    These sound terrific! Buy I’m afraid I don’t have anything to trade with you.

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