Idiot Box: ‘Turning Japanese’

Turning Japanese

I was a girl you splashed with water.  He spoke only in signs and subtitles.  We kissed on his bed under a blue and pink horizon of cigarette smoke.  Outside his window there were fireflies.  Inside his walls there were infomercials.  I carried a sword too big for my fragile hands, he drifted aimlessly in space, always out of gas, always out of luck. 

In our cartoon world, we can pull costumes out of back pockets.  In the ordinary world, all the roses he gave me were already half-black. On a melting sidewalk I intertwined our names like DNA.  He only called at 2 a.m. when The Boss couldn’t hear. 

The cat still says his name aloud.  I only have the red half of our locket.  I hold the summer’s last firefly in my hand outstretched.  Really, I say.  Really, it was nothing.

-The first in the “Saturday Morning” series; a lot of anime allusions (including Cowboy Bebop, Ranma 1/2, and Grave of the Fireflies) in this one although it isn’t about any series in particular.

-The last line is a reference to the Smiths, “William, it Was Really Nothing,” making this one-stop shopping for all my teen angst.




3 responses to “Idiot Box: ‘Turning Japanese’”

  1. […] poem, the antithesis of “Turning Japanese,” was written as a “we’re cool now” for my ex, Martin because I got very […]

  2. I’ve really been enjoying these, so’s you know!

    Also, Cowboy Bebop is one of my favorite anime. Fate/Zero is another (and the remade Fate Stay Night so far [original Fate Stay Night less so]). I haven’t watched Grave of the Fireflies; my fiancé assures me it’ll ruin my life, and I tend to trust his judgement.

  3. Yeah, GotF will pretty much crush your heart and leave you a hollow shell of a person. Glad you liked the poems!

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