Selected Stories

Jackalope Kings” (Reckon Review, October 2022)

11 Thoughts About ROAD HOUSE” (HAD, October 2022)

The Laws Which Govern Chaos” (The Coachella Review, Summer 2022)

The Nightfly” (The Normal School, Winter 2022)

All Shook Down” (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Sept/Oct. 2020)

Girls Without Holograms”/”What We Talk About When We Talk About Michael Weston” (Barrelhouse Blog, August 2017)

Meat Is Murder/A Beastiary for a Gen-X Boy” (The RS-500, Summer 2018)

77” (The RS-500, Summer 2018)

This Year’s Model” (The RS-500, Summer 2018)

Kind of Blue” (The RS-500, Summer 2018)

YOLO”  (Beat To A Pulp, May 2016)

Narc” (The Big Click, March 2016)

Play Dead” (The Big Click, March 2016)

Barbie Girl” (The Big Click, March 2016)

Angelmaker” (Big Lucks, July 2013)

Late Night on Route 17” (The Big Click, Sept. 2013)

Hotel Jesus” (PANK, March 2012)

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