All Hail Chicken Breakfast

Pictured: Happiness

Pictured: Happiness

Sunday mornings in Binghamton I used to go to Theo’s Southern Style Cuisine, a hole-in-the-wall joint that specialized in fried chicken that would save your goddamn soul.  They did a buffet on Sundays; mashed potatoes so buttery and smooth you could suck them through a curly straw, cobbler made of peaches and dreams, grits in a cauldron and the fried chicken, oh, the fried chicken!  Battered with magic, deep-fried in miracles…when Theo’s closed, it was like a piece of my soul had been ripped out.

But the lesson Theo’s taught me was this: Chicken Breakfast.

Chicken Breakfast isn’t just “oh, I have some leftover KFC, guess I’ll put it on a plate at 10 in the morning,” what are you. some kind of monster?  Chicken Breakfast is an EXPERIENCE, it’s a STATE OF MIND.  You have to give yourself over to Chicken Breakfast and let the spirit of Chicken Breakfast take over your soul.

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