Post-Novel Come-Down

(Wow…it’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post. I’ve got to get better at this blogging thing….)

So I just finished a new draft of a novel that I’m sending over to my amazing agent, Jim, tomorrow morning…but I am seized with that awful post-novel drain, that nebulous floating feeling that comes after you pour an entire year (or more) into a project that seems to consume your very existence.

When I finished The Big Rewind, my post-novel come-down manifested itself in a series of poems about TV. Finish this novel has resulted in this insane urge to completely redo my entire wardrobe.

I’m not kidding.

Yep, this is a dress you can 100% wear out in public without looking like an idiot.

My wardrobe consists of the following general pieces: black skirts, skinny jeans, concert shirts, casual dresses, Doc Martens, a handful of cardigans that are more functional than fashionable (I never quite figured out how cardigans work. Some people rock them; I look like a homeless grandma) a couple of incredible vintage pieces I take extremely good care of and a ton of hats. (I rock hats.)  It’s a look that works for me; it’s a little edgy and a little sweet and easy to wear and I can throw on a blazer for work if I need to.

But somehow, I have it in my head that I need to completely shake things up and redo the whole thing. Jumpsuits! Weird baggy shirts worn as dresses! Pants in exciting colors! And yet, when I get to the store, none of it works for me.

A hideous dress by Victoria Beckham, now at Target!

I have always loved clothes. I was a goth girl in high school and still have the binder of DIY tricks salvaged from pages of YM & Cosmo Girl. I am a master of the thrift store and decent enough with a needle and thread to upgrade and fix a favorite piece. My style icons over the years have been Patti Smith, Tom Waits, Courtney Love, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Victoria Beckham and my friends Natalie & Ari, whose effortless leggings/tee/cardigan/scarf/boots was a combination I could never quite get to work for me, much to my chagrin.

I want a look that is funky and fun, easy to wear and comfortable. I want a look that says writer/record nerd/glam/rebel. I want to look like I work in a fancy office for a high-end music magazine but also be chill enough that I can take a nap in whatever I’m wearing.

I want someone to design a wardrobe for me. Take me shopping and help me pick out some new pieces for spring.


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